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Tritium, also known as super heavy hydrogen, was first discovered by Ernest Rutherford. ML Oliphant and Paul Harteckin in 1934.
Tritium emits electrons through beta decay and when these electrons interact with a phosphorous material, a fluorescent light is created that can last up to 20 years.
When this Tritium powered illumination is sealed inside a glass tubeit is known as a GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) which is up to 100 times brighter over a long period than any comparable technology


Completely self-powered and providing a constant glow throughout the night, Tritium illumination technology has been trusted for decades by the emergency services, mountaineers, deep-sea divers and military personnel due to its unwavering reliability and performance in mission critical situations.

Tritium illumination is completely self-powered and doesn’t require sunlight or any other form of external power to operate.

Are Tritium Watches Dangerous?

Contrary to myth and false rumors, tritium watches are not dangerous. The tritium in the wrist timepiece emits weak beta particles. Generally, people are exposed to this much tritium every day, as it is widely released in the environment and the food chain.

The only danger associated with a tritium watch is that if you accidentally break the watch's vitals and inhale the gas, it may result in a health crisis. It is not possible easily, but if it happens, evacuate the room for a while to allow the gas to dissipate.

How Long Does Tritium Last in Watches?

The watches containing tritium give rare visibility you cannot feel in daylight. However, nighttime visibility is hard to match as you can see it from several meters away. Tritium watches have military-grade construction. So, they are highly durable and reliable which tend to last more than 20 years, because after that tritium starts to fade.

Tritium Source

The Tritium illumination used in all Aquatico watches is supplied by mb-microtec of Switzerland – the original founders and market leaders of the technology.