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Destroys Seiko on specs AND price - Aquatico Sea Star GMT


Our flagship model

built for the world's adventurers ,Known for its bold and eye-catching design, the Sea Star GMT is now upgraded with a Japanese NH34 GMT automatic movement that offers 3 time zones at a glance. Designed to embody the true spirit of Aquatico, this watch is designed to be precise and reliable for the world's adventurers and explorers.


GMT function serves as a practical and versatile complication in watches, providing users with the ability to track multiple time zones simultaneously, whether for travel, work, or daily convenience. Its utility, combined with its historical significance and iconic status in watchmaking, makes it a valuable and highly regarded feature in timepieces.

Swiss Super-LumiNova®

Swiss Super-LumiNova® is a luminescent material widely used in watchmaking known for its exceptional glow-in-the-dark properties. It's applied to watch hands, indices, and other markers to enhance readability in low-light conditions.


A dive extension buckle is a specialized feature found in some watch bracelets, particularly those designed for dive watches. This buckle is specifically crafted to accommodate the changing wrist size of divers when they wear their watches over diving suits or wet suits.

dive extension buckle is a practical and thoughtful feature for dive watches, catering to the specific needs of divers and ensuring that the watch remains comfortable and secure in various underwater conditions.