Wearing a watch these days is more a symbol of ownership that speaks to the human psyche more than anything else. This symbolism is because our mobile devices have taken over so many things those individual aspects like our daily lives are slowly fading away. Still, the watch industry has constantly been evolving to a new height when in the 60s, bronze dive watches were all the craze. This craze was soon followed by Chrono watches and eventually smartwatches in our current era. But the vintage style still has the allure of housing in many different metals.

Today we are talking about bronze watches and using their properties to stand the test of time but with a different twist. Most bronze pilot watches start oxidizing when they come into contact with air and give you a feeling of holding a living, breathing organism that is fading away with time.

Best Bronze Watches

Many brands offer affordable bronze pilot watches that you can use to add class to your outlook and if you are looking for a more rugged look than sophistication. You can easily find watches from Rado, Zenith, Hamilton, Oris, and many more. Still, we will discuss Aquatico and Zelos for the best affordable bronze watches and see how they compare.

Aquatico Bronze Watches


Aquatico bronze dive watches come with a simple yet sharp appearance. The most common case material is marine grade bronze, CuSn8. This combination gives it a somewhat retro look while keeping it full of youthfulness. Specifications are followed by making them adhere to Seiko engineering. Following are some significant aspects of these bronze watches:

  • Aquatico keeps prices affordable even with the highest standards, making it accessible to everyone.
  • These watches can stand extreme weather and still function in optimum conditions.
  • Best straps provide comfort like you are wearing nothing, even for a full day.
  • Clearly finished looks from expert engineered craftsmanship provides a classic look.
  • Domed glass design will provide the best visibility in any condition.
  • The dolphin design logo gives it a unique premium experience.

Zelos Bronze Watches


All Zelos watches are built from the ground up with either bronze or carbon fiber, with cutting-edge designs, and engineering looks unmatched. Their successful campaign on Kickstarter has helped them launch three more unique designs to fantastic success. Their Helmsmen, Chroma and Abyss, were a great success with customers. Following are some excellent salient features of Zelos Bronze watches:

  • Carbon fiber and bronze pilot watch material give these watches vintage cool looks.
  • All watches are brushed and polished to perfection, giving them a premium look despite their prices.
  • Look ages well with time due to patina settling in but with premium quality material; they can be metal polished to the shade or sheen of your liking.
  • The automatic mechanism allows the watch to run for at least 40 hours, and a simple few shaking movements will enable it to start again.
  • All manufacturing defects come under the warranty for a complete repair or refund.
  • A humble beginning makes it loved by millions.
  • All the dials of Zelos watches are craftily designed, giving them a finished look and making them functional.
  • Minute layer made with BGW9 lume and top layer circularly brushed, gives it a premium look plus, can easily be observed in the sun or other elements.
  • All watches are made with unique meteorite material giving each watch a unique design and look.

Why Bronze Watches?

bronze dive watch for men

First is their oxidizing property, which helps it carry a distinct patina look that can change color from yellowish gold tone to eventually brownish and a darker shade. This slow shading gives it an industrial look, something from a steampunk era. It is also popular in diving watches as the oxidized layer protects from saltwater when diving.

Do Bronze Watches Scratch Easily?


Bronze material is actually more resistant than stainless steel and won't scratch easily. Furthermore, oxides quickly cover most scratches due to the regular oxidation process.

Are Bronze Watches Really That Good?

The watch mechanism under the hood is where the real power is concealed. Everything else is looks and attraction. Whether you like gold, steel, or bronze, it's about your preference or attire. If you are wearing your watch with elegant dresses or suits, bronze might not go well, but in everyday clothes, it holds well. When it comes to diving or sports, it is probably the best choice as it is salt water resistant, plus even if scratches, it doesn't show easily. Finally, the hue it gives shines like gold but at a much lower price, so a win-win in this case.

How do the Bronze Watches Age and Why?

As soon as bronze comes in contact with air, it starts oxidizing. Mind you; the process isn't that fast if you are wondering. It takes years to change its color and sheen slowly. This aging and developing patina makes bronze watches an acquired taste. The chemical process of oxidation starts forming an oxidation surface on the watch giving it a vintage look and protecting it much better from scratches and elements.

How to Speed up and Remove Patina from Bronze Watches?

If you are going after a particular sheen or color to give your watch a vintage look, you can subject your precious watch to acidic ingredients. The most common elements for speeding up patina are saltwater and boiled eggs.

Simple metal cleaning is enough for those who want to remove the patina from their watches after keeping them for some time. You can also remove it by dipping your watch in lemon juice or vinegar.

Concluding Remarks – Which One Should You Buy?

Watches are bought on preference and should be looked at for objectivity. Aquatico watches are precision engineered solely for a reasonable price, premium feel, and lean-to bronze dive watches. If that is what you prefer, go for it. Zelos watches came into the limelight due to their Kickstarter campaign, winning the heart of millions and offering carbon fiber material other than bronze. No matter which of these you go with, you will get the best watch for an affordable price.

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