What is Dress Watch?

Why you need A Dress watch?

A dress watch is a timepiece that you can wear with more formal attire, like a suit and tie. They're typically made of stainless steel or leather, and they have a round face that looks more like a traditional watch than say, a sports watch. Dress watches are also sometimes called "dress chronographs," which means that they have some sort of stopwatch function built in.

Dress watches are great for men who want to add a little bit of style to their wardrobe without going overboard—they're perfect for the office, for weddings, and even for nights out on the town!

Meet the Avsven Dress watch. It's more elegant, more thin, and perfect for anywhere and anytime.

more thinner more lighter and more elegant

We believe that dress watches should be elegant, refined, and easy to wear. That's why we created the Aquatico Avsven Dress watch—it's a beautiful timepiece that you can wear anywhere, anytime.

The watch itself is powered by an ETA2824-2 Swiss movement which means it will keep perfect time for years to come. The case has a mid-sized diameter of 41mm and is made with a skeletonized case back that makes it even thinner and lighter than other comparable watches on the market today.

Spphire crystal

protect your time anytime

Anytime you need to protect your time, the Aquatico Avsven Dress watch provides a reliable and stylish solution.

With a dome sapphire crystal A/R coated, this watch allows you to do more than just tell time. With its sleek design and large face, this watch is perfect for any occasion.

Swiss Made ETA2824-2

The Aquatico Avsven Dress watch is powered by the Swiss made ETA2824-2. This movement is a 28,000 beats per hour automatic movement that has a 40 hour power reserve.

The watch features a solid transparent case back that allows you to view the inner workings of this incredible timepiece.

create luxury more affordable

A diamond-encrusted watch is a luxury item, but it's also a great investment. The more you wear it, the more valuable it becomes—and that's just the beginning.

Aquatico Avsven Dress watch comes with diamond setting around the bezel, as well as a sapphire crystal window, which means that this timepiece is both gorgeous and durable. You can enjoy its beauty for years to come!

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