Customer reviews
Customer reviews
와이프 선물 핑크 다이얼 커스텀을 하였다.너무 아름답다 이가격에 이 품질이면 안 살 수가 없다. 너무 맘에 든다
앞으로 계속 성장하는 아쿠아티코 브랜드가 되길 바란다
— 상준 한
Customer reviews
The 39mm is just right for my wife's wrist, plus the fresh orange color, perfect anniversary gift!
— Weber


The Dolphin together traditional watchmaking with modern elements. Classic, delicate hands and indices are combined with intense colours, satin-finished surfaces and high-quality stainless steel bracelet. At the heart of the timepiece's inner workings, Power by calibre from Seiko ensures contemporary precision.


The design of Dolphin is brings timeless elegance in line with our future course. The use of box-shaped sapphire glass gives the watch a slimmer and more refined look. The minimalist design, enhanced by bigger letters, makes reading the time easy and comfortable at a glance.


SAPPHIREA sapphire crystal gives a watch the following properties: extremely high resistance to impact and superior screen and hand readability thanks to its transparency. Because it is the strongest material after diamonds, it is used in fine timepieces for its anti-scratch prowess. Sapphire crystals can take many forms and give the watch a variety of looks: flat, domed, concave or ground.


Ensuring visibility under all conditions is an important goal for Aquatico. This is why some timepieces feature a material we call SuperLuminova®. This material is placed on visible parts such as dials and hands, where it functions as a miniature accumulator of reflected light when the watch finds itself in the dark.


The mechanical movement contains an average of 100 finely manufactured parts. The balance wheel lies at the heart of the movement and ensures its accuracy. With its constant backwards and forwards movement, the balance and the balance spring divides the time into equal portions, thereby accurately regulating the movement of time.


A high-end solid stainless steel bracelet with CNC made buckle